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NBA mania at the BGC Globe NBA All Star Weekend

NBA All Star Weekend 2017 is a blast as we all know it.  NBA superstars battle it out via West versus East, then NBA versus the world, the dunking and long distance competitions the excitement is immeasurable.  Then Globe decided to celebrate it by closing one street in the BGC.  They placed a half basketball court and various stands showcasing the NBA and other basketball related stuff.  Sony brought in their Playstation consoles and some TVs where people can play with them, the NBA store sold items at 30% off, Globe featured their subscriptions of course and games were at hand that you may win some nifty items.

They also called on basketball fanatics and players as they had their skill challenges, long distance shooting and other competitions that can win you some prizes from Globe.  We went on a saturday and we expected to see the skill challenge and the three point contests but the weather didn't cooperate with us.  It rained so hard in the morning that they had to cancel all the basketball the events.  The floor was wet and their make shift roof was full of water that it was near collapsing.  

My friend was so excited to play but said he will come back sunday and hope the weather would be better.