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Dancing Fountain at OKADA Hotel

We have heard that recently the dancing fountain in Okada Hotel was opened to the public.  Having seen it through the news, it reminded me of the fountain in Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  So we decided to see for ourselves if they are the same.

Going to Okada in the Entertainment City is easy.  Simply go to the Mall of Asia and look for their terminal at the Pet Express.  The shuttle service is free, and is available for 24 hours.  The shuttle buses are premium, they also include inflight or inride entertainment similar to that on international plane flights.  There are a lot of buses so just be patient when one leaves.

Now you would only like to see the fountain, so its only available everyday from 6pm to 10pm.  Take it from us, get to see the fountain in the evening.  You will have a great feeling watching the show.  You may take photos and videos of it provided you are using your personal gadgets, like smartphones and tablets.  Professional recording equipment is not allowed.  Although I've seen entry level DSLRs and some mirrorless cameras are in the crowd so maybe those are okay.

The show is only good for 5 minutes but it cycles every 30minutes.  Every show is different so you may end up staying for a longer period of time.  In between shows you are treated to a projection mapping show called World of Wonders.  When you hear loud music, look up and you will see images being projected on the corridor's ceilings.  As most the corridor is still not finished, some are not yet lit up.  So just go outside and watch the show from there.  All these shows are free.  Higher ups at Okada considers the show as their gift to the Filipino.  Hurray.....

Now if you get hungry, there are a number of stores open as of this writing, although most are still the expensive and luxury kind.  The ones that you expect for a hotel, but they say, they will having more which are moderately priced.

Comparing this with Dubai, we can't tell exactly.  They have the same fountain, complete with great music, with complementary great lighting as well however it still feels short in comparison.  Since its very expensive to go to Dubai, what Okada did for us is a very great achievement in itself.  You still get the feeling of it and don't have to travel far to see it.
So bring your family and friends over and watch these shows.  Its a great experience and with improvements to the place in the next months, it would be great to come back again.

The buses are high level buses and offers a great view during your ride.

Its cherry blossom time all the time at Okada.

The route to the fountain is elegant.

People being awed by the spectacle.

Okada at night.

We told you, watch this during the evening.