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Cavaliers Win Game 4 leads 3-1 in the Series

It was another Kyrie Irving night but this time the Cavaliers won over the surviving Celtics 112-99 in Cleveland.  Irving made an explosive shooting run in the third quarter to cut down the Celtics lead and capping the game with 42 points, his highest score in a playoff game.  He had 41 last season.

Meanwhile Lebron exploded in the fourth as he was hampered down with an early 4 fouls in the first half.  He scored most of his 34 points in the last quarter as Kyrie Irving was relieved early when the Cavaliers went ahead of the Celtics.  Kevin Love added 17.

For the Celtics, again it was balanced scoring for them as Bradley had 19, Crowder with 18, Horford 16 and Olynyk hit 15.  They held a 10 point lead half time and seemed to be cruising along when suddenly Kyrie Irving exploded at the third.  They tried getting back the lead at the fourth but the Cavs simply got their game together.  What a great display of tenacity for the young Celtics team.

Game five will be back in Boston, and the Cavaliers will try to take the series there, or will not?  Watch game 5 Sunday morning Manila time.