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Its Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals

Its Celtics over the Wizards at their second round playoffs for 4-3.  The Celtics earned the right to meet the Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference Finals.

Game 7 of the playoffs happened at the Boston Garden and what a win this is.  This has been a gruelling 48 minutes for both Celtics and Wizards.  Each team has been on a see saw battle for the lead till the third quarter when the Celtics held a 13-3 run.

The Wizards led by the Bradley Beal held a tough battle with 38 points but wasn't enough to topple the Celtics.  John Wall, the hero of game 6 was not a factor this game 7.

Isaiah Thomas was phenomenal as he led the Celtics holding off the surge of the Wizards 115-105. He finished with 29 points with Kelly Olynyk adding in 26 points to pound the Wizards back to the drawing boards for the 2018 season.