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Wizards take Game 6 for 3-3

Its the Wizards taking game 6 at the Washington home court with a 3 pointer coming from John Wall.  Making the score at 92-91 for the Wizards with 3.7 seconds remaining.  Wizards wisely used their last remaining team foul leaving 1.7 seconds for the Celtics to shoot with the latter having no time outs remaining.  On the inbound play, we see Isaiah Thomas taking a long 3 pointer against Wizard defenders and missed.  Sending the series on Game 7 back to the Boston Garden.  Who will will game 7 on Monday evening (Tuesday morning Philippine time) and have the right to play the tough Cleveland Cavaliers.  Watch the concluding episode of this playoff match up on Monday.

(Statistics culled from various sources - mostly from ESPN)