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Discover | EigaSai PH (Japanese Films Festival in the Philippines)

For its 20th year anniversary, the Japanese Film Festival will be having 100 screening of its 20 selected films with various genres in six major philippine cities.  This year, all these films will be shown in Manila, Iloilo, Baguio, Bacolod, Davao and Cebu. 

For a list of film screenings, simply go to here.

Director - Nakano Ryota
One of these films featured is a film by Nakano Ryota titled Her Love Boils Bathwater

2016 | 125 min | Drama, Children/Family, Feature | Color | DCP, Blu-ray

Directed by: NAKANO Ryota
Produced by: FUKASE Kazumi, WAKABAYASHI Yusuke

Synopsis: A family drama about the intense feelings of a dying mother with a bombshell ending that breaks heart. It is written and directed by up-and- comer Nakano Ryota, who garnered attention with Capturing Dad.

Futaba (Miyazawa Rie), whose husband suddenly left her one year ago, lives with her shy daughter, Azumi (Sugisaki Hana). When Futaba abruptly receives a diagnosis of a terminal illness, she aims to use the brief amount of time she has left to bring back her husband, restart the family's shut-down bathhouse business, and set Azumi on the path to independence.

Film Festivals, Awards:

2016 Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan Now
2016 Busan International Film Festival, A Window on Asian Cinema
2016 Montreal World Film Festival, Focus on World Cinema