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Great Game Cavaliers As They Take Game 4

The Cavaliers finally showed why there were last year's NBA Champions by beating the Warriors 137-116 in Game 4.  Led by the Lebron's charges, the game was marred by physical nature of plays, 7 technical fouls, 1 flagrant foul, and spotty officiating by the referees.  Amidst all those things, lots of records were broken as well.  The Cavaliers reported the highest points in a finals quarter (49), most points at the half (86-68), and most 3 pointers in a finals game (24).  Lebron likewise showed top form today as he surpassed Magic Johnson's number of triple double performance in the finals, and he surpassed Michael Jordan's most points in the playoffs.  

Adding to this are the great performances by Kyrie Irving (40), Kevin Love (23) and JR Smiths (15), the Cavaliers prevented a sweep bringing back the game to Oracle Arena with the Series 3-1.

The Warriors were held down by low scoring percentages as Kevin Durant lead the scoring with 35 followed by Draymond Green (16), Stephen Curry (14), and Klay Thompson (13).  

Even with questionable officiating, with the records set by the Cavaliers, clearly they won it with great offensive game night and no one can take that away from them.  Great game Cavaliers, you made the finals exciting again. Welcome back to the fight.

Game 4 will be played at the Warriors home court on June 13,  Tuesday, Manila Time at 9am.