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Warriors 3-0 over the Cavs in the NBA Finals

It was Klay Thompson's time to shine as he hit and 11-18 in Game 3 and finishing with 30 points, 4 over team mate Stephen Curry.  He hit 4 three pointers and at total 16 points, and that's only in the first quarter.  This is a great start for the Warriors coming from Klay as he was focused more on defense in games 1 and 2.  Don't be mislead though as he also never faltered in his defense either.  Although Durant was the hero in the final minute when he hit that crucial 3 pointer with the Cavs in the lead by 2, we have to give it to Klay for his great performance today.  Stephen Curry and Durant kept the warriors at bay with 26 and 31 points respectively.

Cavaliers side, we saw a different Lebron James today, firing off a great first quarter with the help of Kyrie Irving and JR Smith.  Keeping the Warrior lead within striking distance, It was Kyrie who exploded in the third quarter giving the Cavaliers a 5 point lead going into the fourth quarter.  We saw the Cavaliers lead by six in the final 3 minutes of the game until Durant made that three pointer in the final minute and stole that lead.  The rest they say is history.  Impressive plays from James, Irving, and Smith, Warriors having 18 turnovers, but with no other help from their team mates (Thompson had 0 and Shumpert, Jefferson, Williams combined 3 points), they lost to a team with a formidable offense.

Cavaliers need to step up at the Quicken Loan Arena on Sunday morning (Manila Time) if they want to prevent a sweep in this NBA Finals.  Can they put a stop on the 15 game winning streak in the playoffs for the Warriors? Watch Game 4 and lets see if this is the start of a dynasty.