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Motoring | Tesla Model 3 : Undescribable

Tesla created the storm in the motoring industry when they launched their first car, the Model S.  No one knew that an electric car could be so sexy, so much adrenaline rush.  This catapulted the company to a limelight they now must maintain and kept them pushing forward in motoring technology.

As they moved forward, they now launches the Model 3.  Their mass produced concept car is now coming into fruition.  It has been unveiled to the world and currently under production and delivered to their employees for testing to see if there are still quirks in the car. 

The Model 3 boasts of 215 miles (346+ kms) per charge, goes a zippy 0-60miles in 6 seconds, has an autopilot program, having a 5 star safety rating, supercharging at 40 minutes, seats 5 people comfortably and has a USD35,000 value.  What a steal.  Quality is a Tesla trait so no one questions this as of yet.  With this price tag, I bet it scares the hell out of the fossil fuel based car competitors.

To get a glimpse of this awesome vehicle, check out their video here.

Delivery of the vehicle starts in 2018 yet you can reserve yours now for only USD1,000 here in their website.  I used this webpage so you can browse over some FAQ before really making your reservation.