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First time in Philippine history of gaming that an event such as this was organized. They incorporated all kinds of games in one location.  From card games, board games, online apps, electronic games including robo games, they have it here for young and old alike.

For the first time, we were impressed by the number of groups and sponsors they featured for this weekend event.  We have Dungeon and Dragons, Gaming Library where suppliers sell board games, Star Wars X Wing competitors, Lego had a big presence there and Neko Maid Cafe was there to offer food and drinks to the guests. Mind Museum was there offering discounts to their place, Eon Bank for payments, Sparklab demonstrated 3D and acrylic printing.

Lego was here as well.

Dungeons and Dragons

Lovely maids of Neko Maid Cafe.
More lovely ladies of Neko Maid Cafe.

Mind Museum special offer.
SparkLab sample work.
Mini competition happened on day 1 in Gaming Library booth.

Learn to playa card games and have fun only in Gaming Library booth.
Photobooth area with Mario and Luigi.

Adding to this, we are treated to a lot of featured schools like iAcademy, DLS-CSB and CIIT during Gamecon.PH.

Another treat is the participation of Jellyfish Education Consultancy where they teach you Japanese language and possibly work in Japan as well.

Best part is they have an interactive booth and play area wherein guests can partake in PC Gaming and use of games in the arcade section which was neat. Competitions were also in rage during this event, we can see Cosplayers battling it out for solo or family competitions.  X Wing miniatures are also at play. Game developers like wise had a blast presenting their new games to the public hoping to grab top spots.

Adorable family cosplay spotted on day 1.
Solo competition line-up.
Free online gaming on PC gaming booth.

For Day One Highlights

COSPLAY COMPETITION - solo  (few participants mostly portray classic to modern game characters).

Sona from League of Legends.
Muffet from Undertale.

Nana of Mobile Legends.
2D GAME ART COMPETITION - hosted by Huion under American Technology Inc., allowing inspiring digital artists to try their PC tablets. In the market their products are affordable.

Artist in the zone in Huion booth.
Another artist in Huion booth.


Glimpse of X-Wing before the competition.
INDIEGAME PRESENTATIONS on stage with a panel from the veterans of the game development industry in the local scene.  (memorable games we know and tried)

Indigo entertainment, a decade old company featured two games: (PH)
1. 'Agent: Alien' mobile game for free

. 'Archangel' to be released on Steam

Archangel on stage.
The brothers were playing Archangel by Indigo Entertainment.
KooApps, founded 2008 and gives fun educational games for family and friends to enjoy. They offered the free mobile game "Pet Race" Available in IOS and Andriod.

A group thesis from DLS-CSB, presented their game 'Into the Light', the game is currently not available in any site.

Into the Light
Chryse, (PH) released the game 'Shots Fired', 2D pixel art game for PC.

Brandon Blanker Lim-It, a young entrant in the indie game area, from writing stories to making visual novel using 2D pixel art, 'Going Home'. He's self-taught programmer.

This hugot inspired card game that captured our hearts and burst our giggles. Best to play with the barkada, to bring out the deep hugot lines to win the game.

How the game started.
How it ended. The more the merrier.

YangYangMobile, two year old game development company, their featured visual novel horror game began in Kickstarter and to be released officially last July on Greenlight (PH) titled 'The Letter'. See trailer.

'The Letter' opening in original song and full 2D animation.

MOBILE LEGENDS held their competition as well during Day One.

Day Two Highlights


editors note - I was more interested in this among the others unfortunately I was off to another assignment but still I have to write about this.

The RoboRumble was an electrifying thing or should we say exciting to watch during the event as we only see these events on Youtube.  Considering how much a robot costs, it was exciting to see what our robo creators can come up with.  During the press launch, they promised to give away Php40,000 to the winner take all battle, so we had high hopes on this one.

As per our correspondent were there on Day Two, a number of teams participated but only a handful finally competed.  Since the teams only had a few weeks to prepare, a lot of technical difficulties were encountered thus wasn't able to participate.  Nevertheless the event was so much fun that our correspondent wasn't able to grab the name of the winners (our bad).

The handful few who participated as their robots were fully functional.

COSPLAY COMPETITION family competition

This kitten have summarized our GameCon PH experience. We were overwhelmed.

After two days of exciting games, we congratulate the organizers for a successful rendition of the gaming convention.  Our correspondents were glad they participated and covered the event and based on the reactions of the crowd, they enjoyed as well as we are.

We will expect a bigger one next year for sure.  Till the next one.

(Words and pictures by Angel and her brothers who enjoyed the experience as well.)