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About Town | Education Leaders Empowered at The Technology in Education Summit Philippines 2017

"When we empower teachers, we empower the students and their families. You went into this profession, wanting to change the world. With TECHNOLOGY, we can CHANGE the world!" - Ms. Ambe Tierro, Senior Managing Director, Accenture

These powerful words from one of the speakers of the event empowered us in the field of education to continue integrating technology in our daily classes.

As an educator for more than a decade in Ateneo de Manila University and as a student of Masters in Education major in Information Technology Integration, I could say that I’m really inspired after attending The Technology in Education Summit Philippines 2017 (TIES PH 2017) seminar-workshop. The summit was held last July 29, 2017 at Crimson Hotel, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Official Poster
TIES PH 2017 aims to improve Philippine educators’ experience with technology with the help of a notable resource speaker and technology leader from Singapore, Craig Kemp.

Mr. Kemp was rewarded in 2010 as one of only three teachers in New Zealand by being invited to the NZ Leadership Institution Young Leaders Programme. He is a leading change agent, being involved in the makeover of several schools’ ICT hardware and programmes, with particular focus on pedagogy to support curriculum integration of technology.

With Craig Kemp.
He is also the co-founder and moderator of the trending twitter ed-chat #whatisschool. The goals of #whatisschool are simple, to give educators a space to express an unbiased response to questions about schooling, where educators have a voice in shaping the future through their experiences, recommendations and interests. #whatisschool is an award winning chat and quickly became one of the most talked about chats on twitter. He specializes in global connections, creating enjoyable and engaging learning experiences for students, social media in education, educational technology, inspiring and motivating staff, integrating technology and innovation in education.

Aside from Mr. Kemp, resource speakers and industry leaders in the country were invited to share their knowledge and experience in this continuously evolving technological landscape. Topics that were tackled include the use of Big Data, Social Media, and other innovative technological solutions available today.

The forum focused on the technologies that are revolutionizing the way we learn. Discussions revolved around latest innovations transforming the classroom to promote technologies in schools, and how to best prepare students using these innovations. From educational video games that encourage math and science learning, to promoting computer programming skills, to the democratization of higher education through free online courses, this event explored technology’s transformative power for educators and students.

The event attendees included educators from private and public schools, principals, school directors and administrative heads, decision makers and government employees.

The Chairman of the Teacher Education Network, Mr. Agenor Neil Luayon, welcomed all the participants. He believes that “the best source of technology is the classroom teacher effectively utilizing digital tools.” That’s the reason why they organized this initiative.

Ms. Doris Ferrer, Executive Director of the Private Education Assistance Committee was the first speaker who discussed the "Developments in Training Science and Math Teachers of Senior High Schools." She encouraged teachers to collaborate with each other by saying "Teachers Helping Teachers. This is how we should do it."

After a hearty lunch, Mr. Gian Javelona shared his insights about innovating the country's education landscape through his talk entitled "Education Needed for the 21st Century Workplace." Before being the Founder & CEO of OrangeApps, he admitted that he started out hacking his own school systems. From that, he began the Philippine cloud-based platform designed to help schools manage their processes end-to-end, from enrollment to grades, and online learning. Hence, for pushing the boundaries of innovation, Mr. Javelona was recently honored as part of Forbes Magazine's 2017 '30 under 30 Asia'. 

Ms. Ambe Tierro of Accenture Speaking about Agility and Flexibility
In support of Mr. Javelona’s speech, Ms. Ambe Tierro, Technology Lead of Accenture Philippines explained “How to Further Improve in Preparing Students for the 21st Century Workplace.” She said that 50% of the jobs today will be eliminated in 15-20 years. Hence, she is questioning the educators who are using traditional ways to prepare our students for future jobs. She shares five skills that should be taught to all students: (1) agility and flexibility, (2) critical thinking, (3) collaboration, (4) communication, (5) creativity and innovation.

The last panel speaker was Mr. Dann Angelo De Guzman, Founder & CEO of CloudSwyft Global Systems, Inc. Its vision is to change the way how organizations evaluate and develop technology skills. He mentioned that many people are jobless because everyone is looking for a job. He encouraged the participants that the solution for unemployment is not to seek to be an employee but to provide opportunities for more people to be employed.

Last June 2016, United Nations Human Rights Council, passed a resolution which notes what many of us already know: It’s important to increase access to the internet, as it “facilitates vast opportunities for affordable and inclusive education globally,” or provides other resources for education, especially across the digital divide. In accordance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the organization also recognized that the spread of technology has the “great potential to accelerate human progress.”

Mr. Luayon affirms that, because even if the summit has already ended, he wants to build a network of educators with a common purpose: “to traverse the changing education landscape and prepare our learners for the uncertain future.” He is also inviting more educators and change agents to attend The Technology in Education Summit Philippines 2018.

(Words and pictures by Ella Dator Perez and Julius Donaire)

Editors Note - Thanks to Mr. Jarvin Villaflor of It's Happening Events for inviting us to this great event. Till the next one.