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Sports | Kobe Bryant's Numbers 8 and 24 Retired at the Staples Center

After watching Kobe Bryant for 20 years playing in the NBA, we finally get to watch him retire.  He had achieved 5 titles for the Lakers, not an easy feat. He got three when he was donning the number 8 jersey and the last two using 24.  There were stories about the numbers but we won't delve them into this as Monday Night was Kobe's night.

Magic Johnson then said a few words, wait a lot of words about Kobe much to the delight of the crowd.  He responded to the accolades that ... "so the next 20 years is better than the past 20 years".

The hanging of his two jerseys were done during a lull in the game between the Lakers and Golden State Warriors which the latter won in overtime amidst a tough game.

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