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Dining | Wanna try Mongolian and Vietnamese Food at the Same Time?

Tucked in at the corner of the food court of the Festival Mall in Alabang lies this asian fusion restaurant.  The restaurant or restaurants is/ are called Pho Market and/or Mongolian Quick Box.  Kinda confusing and intimidating at first, having a vietnamese and mongolian themed restaurant in a spacious and nicely decorated dining area brings in a certain luxury of sort.  One will mistake them as having expensive food, really.  That was how I assumed them to have  on their menu items.

During this visit by this writer, it was holy week and most people were either outside of manila or simply stayed at home.  Bless them truly.  Now I have the mall almost by myself and this restaurant had a few customers in them.

With an almost empty dining area, it seemed to call me so I approached the counter and asked for their holy week menu choices.  Another blessing came when they do have a holy week diet prepared.  Not most restaurants have this ready so I decided to try this seemingly expensive restaurant.

I started off with the mongolian squid.  I have not eaten squid for some time (just the dried ones) so it was something I wanted to try out (php165).  This was part of their mongolian dishes and when I asked what he recommends I get for the vietnamese side, the manager suggested the shrimp spring rolls (php88).

Since there not much customers, my order came almost right away.  I was trying out my new vlogging set up (watch out for this soon) just when I was starting to act silly (talking in front of the camera), the spring rolls came.  It was wrapped in thin see through lumpia wrapper of sorts and was cut in 4 parts, it came paired with peanut sauce.  The wrap was sticky so when I decided to try one part of it, it stuck with the one beside it.  With a little bit of prying, I managed to get one and dipped it in the sauce and ate the whole lot, truly great.  Without the sauce, it just tasted like shrimps with carrots and some other vegetables in it.  But with the sauce, man, that dish really jumps up and bites your fancy.  Taste wise, great with the sauce, serving wise, I needed one more order please.  They have a big serving for the price, but with the taste it offered, I wanted more.  Enough talk, just order two right away. I stuck with one order and I regretted it really.  Now I want to come back for more now.

Midway into the spring rolls, my squid came.  For the uninitiated, this dish has chili in it as a staple, for our review, I requested it to be left out.  I  have a low tolerance for spice so forgive me.  Now going back to the squid, it comes with a cup of rice and a side dish of vegetables.  The squid was cooked the mongolian way so expect it to be salty which I liked.  It tasted like the other mongolian restaurants that we tried before.  It didn't leap up as I expected them to be, but the leaping came from an unlikely source.  The vegetable side dish did just that.  I can't stress how much I enjoyed that one.  Me eating vegetables and liking it?  This moment is priceless.  I should have asked the manager more details about it but that remains to be done in another day.  Which means......

I will be back to this place very very very soon.

Perceptions do really plays tricks on us,  what I perceived as an expensive dining experience, I was surprised otherwise. Price maybe a bit a few pesos over than the famous chicken combo from popular fast food chains, the taste and serving size justifies for the price difference.  Watch out for our second visit review very soon.

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