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Sports | Cleveland Cavaliers Land First Conference Finals Slot

After winning over the Toronto Raptors 128-93, the Cavaliers went on to get the first slot of the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA.

We have predicted that Lebron James will power the Cavaliers as usual, but we were leveraging on the Raptors to give a great fight.  We also were looking at the possibility of reaching Game 7 for which we badly predicted.  The series the Raptors went 4-0 and they blasted the Raptors till kingdom come.

We failed to account that the Raptors NEVER won over a James lead squad in post season.  They are scared somehow of the King that its like walking on the street then a black cat crosses your path.  There goes the day they say.

The King lead the cavaliers all the way and even though mostly the team members did not have the playoff experience, he brought them still.  The Cavaliers are now the team to beat in the East and with another upset is imminent between the Celtics and the 76ers (Boston leads 3-1).  We predicted based on paper that the 76ers will prevail but somehow statistics are failing us in the East.

The Celtics are playing with a depleted line up yet they thwarted off a strong 76ers squad.  Should the Celtics win over and gets the chance to play the Cavaliers, it will be a great fight.  Since we have seen second round upsets in the East, it would be difficult for us to see the outcome.  Who will will then?  Will it be James' desire to see the Warriors defeat in the Finals (will check who will win in the West either the Rockets or the Warriors) or the desire of the young blood of the Celtics to win the Eastern Conference Title?

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