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Sports | Its The Conference Finals - Side Story Cleveland Got Blown Off

Finally we are into the NBA Conference Finals.  The heavy favorite Warriors defeated the New Orleans Pelicans to advance and meet the Houston rockets in the Western Conference Finals.  Its been a great year for both teams with Houston leading in the regular season rankings.  Houston has been playing their best since 2017 while Golden State has been plagued with injuries thus the lower statistics for them.  But during the playoffs, we have seen a resurgence of the Hampton Five working well together, barring any injury, the Warriors are picked by most people to win the series in 5 games.

Heading off to the Eastern front.  Its been a series of upsets and its kinda unpredictable at this point who would win over who.  During the Second Round,  Cleveland (ranked number 4) has beaten the Raptors (ranked number 1) in a devastating manner.  They swept the early favorites to get a chance to play in the Eastern Conference Finals.  On the other side of the fence, Boston Celtics lorded it over the heavily favored Philadelphia 76ers.  The former are saddled with its stars in the injury list against the 76ers with a full star roster.  As we said its been a roller coaster ride in the East and now its Boston Celtics winning Game 1 against the Cavaliers.

Western conference - It's difficult to pick Houston winning the series over the healthy Hampton Five of the Warriors.  Houston has a history of choking in the playoffs as Harden has yet to mature and really take hold of his crucial games.  Harden is a great player overall and  has been the past two years but can't seem to get past a certain point towards the finals.  The only difference this year, that's why they are the contenders is the  addition of Chris Paul in the beginning of the season.  This guy has been instrumental in their plays and will provide the spark needed to ignite Harden.  Together with the improved Capela, we will see a great fight for the finals in the West.  Then there's of course the Warriors who we have seen been with injuries during the regular season and they played their cards just right before the playoffs.  With Curry rested going into the playoffs, we shall see him orchestrating plays  with Durant, Thompson, Green with the re activated Igoudala.  Imagine the number of All Stars they have in that line up.  With respect to the achievements Houston have this year, we see Warriors winning in 6 games.

Eastern conference - Its been an uphill climb by the Cavaliers and during the regular season they pulled off a rabbit from a magician's hat and made fantastic trades in process.  They became crowd favorites after that.  After the magic has settled down, everyone's eyes are upon them.  The new role players who will play with Lebron are untested in battle, but sure individually have potential, but team plays win playoff games much alone the finals.  The only ace up their sleeve is they have Lebron in the team.  Lebron has been powering his team to the finals the past years and even with a greenhorn squad, he still made it to the Eastern conference finals.  They will be facing off with the Brad Steven squad.  Brad is a coach focused on a system.  Even with star players on injury, this squad has managed to pull upsets over heavily favored teams.  His system of basketball is akin to Steven Kerr's Warriors style of coaching.  Harnessing individual talents and honing them into his style and system of play.  Even with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward sidelined, we can't see them as something the Cavs will runover easily.  Still we predict it will be Celtics over the Cavaliers in Game 7.  I stake a bucket of beer for the Celtics on this wager.

Boston Celtics Win Game 1 - Blows Over the Cavaliers by 25 points.
As of this writing, we saw the Celtics win over the Cavaliers in a blowout fashion 108-83.  Most experts see it as a humiliating loss by Lebron and has been touted as the worst ever game in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Boston went on blazing from the first quarter leading as much as 20 points in the first minutes of the game.  Lebron was held only to 15 points and Kevin Love, who was lackluster this evening even outscored him with 17 points.  There were even 4 players in the Celtics squad that outscored him.  Most experts agree that Lebron has score 40 points for the Cavaliers to win every game and this one proved that point well.  The Lebron lead squad has been the early favorites to win the series in 5 games.  Now that they lost Game 1, it means they have to win all four games to prove the predictions right.  They did just that over the Raptors in the second round, but this is the Celtics they are now playing against.  Winning 4 games in a row against the Celtics?  Let's see how Lebron reacts to the situation.  Brad's squad will be expecting guns ablazing in Game 2 and they are prepared for it he says.