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For people that have experience with shipping and logistics, they would know that the process can be challenging, to say the least.  From trying to find the right supplier that delivers good service at a fair price, to the constant ear of having goods stolen while in transit, it can really be a pain.

With this in mind, Shiptek Solutions Corp., a homegrown technology company, had just announced their solution that looks to revolutionizethe shipping and logistics landscape forever.

Meet XLOG - the first ever end-to-end logistical solutions provider.

XLOG aims to become a catalyst of business success by making logistics work for you, not against you.  It is designed to take away all the challenges of logistics, giving businesses one less thing to worry about.

"Being in the Shipping and Logistics industry for 24 years now, I've seen all the problems encountered by both shippers and service providers, which served as our inspiration," says XLOG founder and CEO, Jun Ynion.

"We created XLOGwith the goal of bringing Shipping and Logistics into the digital age by creating an online marketplace for both companies that offer and for companies that require such services.  By consolidating all these services on one single platform, it will allow for a simplified process, better tracking and security, and ease of transaction documentation.  This is the next step for the shipping and logistics industry".

Based on current practices, an average rate request would take at least a day to get a standard quotation, and an additional 1.5 days for renegotiated rates.  Beforehand, a customer would have to email/ contact multiple providers to ask whether they serve such service lane or not.  These are not the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing the best service partnet.  One would have to consider transit times, gate in deadlines, and other charges which one might have to renegotiate for.  This again would take 1 more day the most.  With XLOG, the entire process is cut down to just 1.5 days by providing an instant quotation to customers from multiple service partners that offers their specific needs.  XLOG helps you make the right decision by providing and instant rate quotation depending on your specific needs.  We reduce the back and forth process by laying down all the information needed for a customer to make a decision and we allow customers to input renegotiation requests.  All of this is done in just one click of the submit button an done and once the service partner receives these information, all he can do is accept/ reject.

Finding the right partners
XLOG provides shippers a wide range of services and vendors to choose from.  This allows for securing the best possible rates with reputable service providers.

Securing your goods
XLOG guarantees safety and security for goods in transit with it extensive GPS tracking feature.  Not only will it let shippers know when goods have gone from point A and arrived at point B, but XLOG has the capability to show the exact location of the goods in real time.

Efficient and quick transactions
XLOG makes transactions hassle-free and faster than ever by allowing all negotiations and deals to be done online, no actual papers required!  Also, every transaction reference is automatically stored in the XLOG system, easy to come back to in the future.

Through XLOG, businesses, both shippers and service providers, will now be able to move faster and safer than ever.  This is the future of shipping and logistics.

This is XLOG.

Additional Information about XLOG Philippines
Company name:  Shiptek Solutions Corp.
Representative:  Jun Ynion, President and CEO
Location:  Metro Manila, Philippines
Date Established:  December 8, 2017
Product name: XLOG
Pending Patents:  PCT/PH2018/050001/PCT/PH2017/50001
Contact Number 02-847-9689