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Technology | Full Face Screen on the New OPPO Find X

Just the other day, the newest OPPO Find X Smartphone was finally unveiled.  Packing 6.4 inch OLED borderless display with a pop up 25MP front facing camera, 16MP + 20MP Primary camera, Snapdragon 845 Chipset paired with 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM and a 3730mAh battery with VOOC fast charging.  Whew that was quite a mouthful.

That being said, these are maybe your usual specifications for a new fast smartphone.  What makes this new phone give goosebumps to us techies?  The screen.  Yes its a borderless screen, but this thing did away with the notch.  Yes, the notch is gone.  What you yet is a full face screen.  Its a game changer!!!!!!

when the sliding mechanism is up

Where did the front facing camera go?  Tucked neatly beneath a sliding camera that goes up.  Aside from the front facing camera, the main camera as well is kept hidden.  Along with the 3D face recognition sensors, you won't see it when its tucked inside the body.  What you get is a TRUE borderless screen.

They also did away with the fingerprint sensor and uses an improved 3D face recognition software.  Very much an improvement from existing smartphones using this technology. Wow.

OPPO also announced that the phone hopefully will be out on August 2018.  Hold buying that coveted Samsung or Apple, and wait for this beauty to finally come out.

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