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Technology | Gaming Phones are here!!! The Asus ROG Phone

As I was happily thumbing through my smartphone, enjoying every bit of it from Youtube streaming, chatting in Facebook, doing emails I thought I was maximzing my smartphone use.  Lo and behold here comes Asus ROG phone.

Sporting an exclusvie 2.96GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform, this beast in a sheep's clothing is truly a monster in computing power.  Nothing but the best from the gaming industry giant ROG or Republic of Gaming.

The powerful processors generate significant heat when running cutting-edge games, often leading to thermal throttling that turns flawlessly fluid gameplay into a stuttering slide show. Our new GameCool system improves thermals with a copper heat spreader and 3D vapor chamber that efficiently transfer heat away from the SoC and into the body. If you want an extra kick, the optional AeroActive Cooler blows air over the back to accelerate heat dissipation into the environment. This auxiliary cooler comes in the box and lowers the phone’s surface and processor temperatures enough to improve sustained performance for extremely strenuous gaming sessions.

The display is also toprate and better performance means more frames per second, but a higher refresh rate is required to actually see them. The ROG Phone’s roomy 6” display refreshes at 90Hz, allowing it to draw 50% more frames than typical smartphone screens. The graphics and gameplay look and feel much smoother in titles optimized for high refresh rates.

Some high-refresh mobile displays suffer from slower pixel transitions that leave blurry ghosts trailing behind moving objects, but the ROG phone uses an ultra-fast AMOLED whose one-millisecond response time matches the pixel-flipping speed of our competition-grade ROG Swift PG258Q esports monitor. The graphics are crystal clear even in fast-paced and action-oriented titles with lots of movement.

The wide-gamut panel’s plentiful palette covers 108.6% of the cinema-grade DCI-P3 color space, painting a vivid picture whether you’re scavenging in a battle royale or scrolling through Instagram. Bottomless blacks and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio make imagery look bolder and more likelike, while HDR support extends the dynamic range. You don’t need special content to benefit from HDR, either. We use an independent image processing chip that enhances local contrast for all content. In addition to exposing more depth, this visual treatment can provide a competitive advantage by helping you see enemies lurking in the shadows.

Now all gamers know how screen space is limited to a smartphone and we want more.  The phone also has dedicated ultrasonic buttons called AirTriggers that actuate with only 20 grams of force, giving them cat quick reflexes to navigate through your game.  These AirTriggers help keep your hands off the screen to expose more of what you want to see.  To add to the already great experience, an advanced haptic engine generates nuanced vibrations for more detailed force feedback in some games.

Another innovation introduced by the Asus ROG phone are the use of side ports for charging and headphone jacks.  We use games on a landscape mode and on most phones, the charging cables and headphone wires get in the way of our gaming experience.  Good one Asus ROG.  

To enhance further the display, there is the Mobile Desktop Dock that lets you build a complete desktop around the ROG phone, including hooking up a 4k monitor, Gigabit Ethernet, 5.1 channel speakers, and a stock of USB peripherals.  If attaching to a huge screen is not for you, going portable with the TwinView Dock is then your thing.  It showcases a secondary display identical in size with the phone.  The TwinView dock is great for live-streaming or any thing you want to display that would not impede on your gaming display.  The dock also sports a massive 6,000mAh auxiliary battery that extends the run time of your phone battery.

I can go on and on with this phone as I am so excited to check this one out.  Visit their main website on the phone if you want to know more.