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Entertainment | Philippine Film Goes to Moscow in April Filmmakers International Fest

The Gathering

written & directed by Arvin Kadiboy Belarmino
director of photography, edited, and produced by Tristan Cua.
Out of more than a hundred films from all over the world, The Gathering makes it to the top 20 finalists and will represent the Philippines in the Mobile Filmmaker's International Fest in Moscow, Russia this April.
1. Last Night, Derek Boyes, United Kingdom 2. Happylife, Mila Fakhurdinova, Russia, Moscow 3. Breath, Mehmet Mıcık, Turkey 4. Sonatina, Hoi Wong, Hong Kong 5. Loser, Ildar Zinnyatullov, Russia, Moscow
6. The Gathering, Arvin Belarmino, Philippines
7. Cleptoman, Giuseppe Casapulla, Italy 8. Self, Bia Borinn, United States 9. Two faces, Amingo Thora, Martinique

10. How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer, Aris Tyros, Toronto, Canada
11. The Missing Things, Jason van Genderen , Australia
12. Lightning, Cristina Isoli, United Kingdom, London 
13. Fear, Alyona Polyakova, Russia, Moscow
14. Maria on a Wire, Christophe Granger, France 
15. Plastic Power, Vladislav Parovozov, Russia, SPb 
16. The Monologue, Florent Sabatier, France Kase Lens PH, Halikon Films and Freevision
18. Resistance, Павел Гончаров, Russia 
19. Ice Swimming, Robb Montgomery, Germany, Berlin 
20. Deprived, Rashmi Mayur, India

Congratulations Direk Kadiboy!!!!!