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About Town | J's Diamond is now open at Ayala Malls Manila Bay

J's Diamond is a renowned jewelry brand that is originated in Hong Kong and has established itself in the Philippines since 2012. J's Diamond initially started with an exquisite collection of timeless pieces of rings tailored for engagement and wedding occasions. It has been patronized by customers for its specialty in bridal accessories and for the refined and sophisticated craftmanship of its jewelry pieces.

J's Diamond success has been constant throughout the years and yet again, it reached a greater height. J's Diamond is set to open up a new branch, its fourth boutique in the country. Along with its accompanied success, J's Diamond has decided to expand its range of products from rings and now to bracelets and necklaces to adapt to the continuously changing consumer behavior.

The ring bearers.
To celebrate another milestone reached, we invite you to discover our new flagship store that will present a sensational showcase of our latest captivating designs. Our new boutique possesses the unintimidating yet modish atmosphere, emanating the millennial vibe. It is designed to mirror the magnificence of our modern jewelry collection and to shine a light on our flawless creations that are well-crafted by professional artisans. Our stylish and classy jewelry pieces are always fashioned to celebrate the gift of love that lasts for a lifetime, a joy that is profound, an undying devotion, and steadfast loyalty and fidelity.

Find a treasure trove of bedazzling pieces of jewelry that you will forever adore only in J's Diamond. The store is located at the 2nd floor of the Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

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