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Nagsasa Cove

With a group of photographer friends, I went with them to Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. We met at 10pm in McDonalds near Trinoma to get a van ride to Pundaquit Zambales. It was a 4 hourish ride and we made a stop over as we were first told the pundaquit beach was still not open for travel to nagsasa cove. We parked in the town square and since it was a weekend, our van was among the others in the parking area. It seemed that a lot of people had the same idea as we are.

There was only one restroom in the area so expect a queue for it. With the 7-11, theres a queue for it also. It was a bit boring waiting for the beach to open and when it was time, all the vans roared and went to the same beach. Again, a queue of cars going to the beach. Once we unloaded our stuff to the beach, waiting for our boat ride, again there was a boat queue. word of the day - the queue.

It was almost an hour for a boat ride to Nagsasa Cove (I later learned this was the same way going to Anawangin Cove) and we were guided to a remote part of the beach. Great patch of land that was not filled with people. Kudos to our organizer.

The sandy beach was short but when you go in the water, it was so low that you can wade in it for meters into the sea. Great for me, as I am not a great swimmer, I just like to wade in water.

What I liked about the place ....

1) Serenity - no electricity (on our side of the beach - no generator).

2) View - the view at the back of the beach was immense. Check out my pics herein.

3) Convenience - there were a number of stores and the other side of the beach and our tour coordinator provided the boat ride, cooking utensils and some firewood and even the tents.

What I do not like about the place

1) No cellular signal - not right away instagram

2) lots of people on the other side of the beach - our part was far more better with lesser people.

What to do in the place? Hike a trail to hidden falls and they have a ridge. thats aside from the cooking and the swimming involved.

Overall, I like the place, and I can see myself going back in the near future.