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My First Tagaytay Bike Ride

I have been biking for a while now and mostly its on flat roads and I am always wary of going uphills and mountains till now.

I admit I have been delaying going up tagaytay due to a lot of reasons.  The main reason was fear for most parts.  I haven't done anything like this.  The steepest climbs I've done was going up the Sucat interchange which was a short uphill.  The road to Los Banos which had recovery stretches they say.  Going up Tagaytay was really a challenge and a huge wall for me.

A day before this ride, I saw a post asking anyone who would like to join in their journey to Tagaytay.  Their route afforded me to meet them along their way which I said to myself was a blessing maybe.  I have delayed this for so long now and I think this was a sign that I really should do it this time.

I waited at their route and we started off to Tagaytay around 5am.  We reached Sta. Rosa Nuvali maybe 6-630am and took our short breakfast at the 7-11 there. Then we started our uphill battle using the national road going to Tagaytay.  They said its a 20km ride with rolling uphill battles, with a narrow road with lots of vehicles.  There's a shorter road around 10kms only, less vehicles but includes cardiac uphills.  We decided on the former as I felt as a newbie, I would never climb those hills yet.

True enough, newbie as I am, I surrendered mid way going up.  I was holding up the group's pace and I told them to leave me gasping for air beside the road.  The guys I'm with were relentless in helping me get to Tagaytay.  They patiently waited for me, after biking for 10 minutes, we rested for 20mins.  On some rides, Macky would push me up using his one hand on my back, while the other rests on his bike.  It's already a burden going up, yet he was pushing me uphill.  I felt a surge in me to go on everytime he does this so slowly but surely, I was in Tagaytay.  I have really great admiration for this group and would never forget them.  Thanks to Macky, Joecel, and Vince for being there for me.

I was supposed to go up to Peoples Park, the Palace in the Sky with them and maybe to a falls in Indang Cavite however duty calls.  I cut short my ride in Tagaytay and left them on their journey.  Going downhill was easier I thought, and it was really, but during this time, the sun was at its peak and heat was almost unbearable.  Had to stop a few times to freshen up.  Along those stops I bought jackfruits and pineapples which were very cheap.  Pineapples I bought at P100 for 4 big pieces.  I opted to buy a packed jackfruit for P100.  Good thing I had my bike carrier installed so bring these back was no problem.

After conquering Tagaytay, I will go up again and try to familiarize with the uphill rides.  I have another goal which I must face and I will soon write about it when its done.  With a little help from friends, there are no struggles that you can't face.

The kois in Nuvali

Tortang Talong at a roadside eatery in Tagaytay Php20.

The Pig's cheeks and intestines are expensive here in Tagaytay.

Total trip made was 70kms.  The first leg wasn't registered.