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Discover | Mitsufest Philippines 2016

(a reprint)

A Mitsubishi owner is more passionate than any other car owner.  This was mentioned to us by Juan Miguel Mendoza, the main man for Mitsufest 2016. Being an owner of an EVO, he knows what he's saying.  This is why he organized the first ever Mitsufest Philippines 2016 at the Blue Wave Macapagal parking grounds last October 23, 2016.

Here we find all kinds of Mitsubishi vehicles in the market nowadays.  From the classic box types to the Mirages and the Monteros.  From my favorites, the Lancer GSRs, to the Evos, I was in heaven seeing these beauties in one place.

During the event, they had stage shows, games, and prizes being given away.  I've been to a number of car shows, but this one here is different, I'm telling you.  To prove our point, come on over to the next Mitsufest and you will experience first hand what we are talking about.

(photos with OBP watermarks are by Michael Zuniga, while those with Katooga watermarks were taken by Don Cordero of Don Cordero Photography)