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Dining | Buffalo Wild Wings - SM Mall of Asia

Buffalo Wild Wings is a member of the Bistro Group and I have a BFF card from them.  I became a member last May and this was my first time to use one of my vouchers.  So here's our story.

We were at the SMX Convention Center attending a conference when we got hungry.  On our way back to the mall, we happen to see a poster for this resto.  I recalled immediately my BFF card so we proceeded to this place right away.  Not easy finding this place as its located at the outside of Conrad Hotel.  You have to pass through a passageway from SMX to the hotel, then go through their mall, step out then turn left towards the water.  Only then you will them Buffalo Wild Wings.

Servers and Greeters were nice.  Being dinnertime, we noticed it was slowly filling up with diners but still the greeter was polite and all smiling.  They seem to know where the vacant tables were as they immediately whisk us away to a waiting table.  Usually they ask the servers for these prior to pointing diners to the table.  Anyway, we sat and immediately I took out my phone.  I took pictures of the menu right away for this article. LOL.

The Platter.  BFF Card Members have an instant discount on this.

After the "pictorial" we ordered the platter consisting of pork ribs, pork chops, chicken wings, corn on the cob and "dirty rice".  Its a bit pricey if you look at the prices, but what they offer are large portions so sharing the same is the name of the game.  What we thought looked like good for two people on the menu is for three people actually when it was served.
Look at those succulent meat falling off the ribs dish.
The Ribs were succulent, the marinade was great, no sauce needed. Still, I wanted to know if this will taste greater with a steak sauce so I asked for it.  They don't have steak sauce.  So live with the ribs on their own.  They are great already.  Maybe not a good try messing with the flavour.

The Chicken wings were great as well.  Although I don't like this part since it has less meat in them, but I'm thankful the ribs and the pork chops were a plenty.

As to the Pork Chops, they were surprisingly juicy and flavourful.  Most chops I've tasted recently were all dry after they are fried.  They are so well cooked that it drove out the juices from them.  This one wasn't cooked dry, it still retained some the juices in them giving more zest to our palates.  The rub I think also added to the dining experience.
The Dirty Rice.
The Corn was soft and tasty and the "dirty" rice they call it is actually fried rice and it was a great side dish to the whole platter thing.

The platter was too much for the two of us that we had it take home the left overs.

Again servers, greeters, and the manager was overwhelming nice.  I am glad I had that card, can't wait to use it again for the next visit to a Bistro Group Restaurant.

*for BFF card holders, better check the guidelines on your card.  Some of the menu items have discounts already for you.  This will invalidate the discount rates provided with your card.  Some people will also be confused by this and they might not honor your Php250 voucher.  Good thing I had a short talk with the manager to clarify some things on my BFF card privileges.

our take out.

Look at the discount plus the BFF Gift Voucher redeemed.
For more details, visit their facebook page here.