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Dining | Tim Hortons - Uptown Mall

Yes I am home.  When this was writer was still in Dubai, I tend to dine here more than the popular brand from Seattle USA.  The coffee is the same but cheaper.  I'm not a constant coffee drinker so I liked their chocolate here.  So when I came back for good here in the Philippines, I was saddened a little whenever I think of a cafe.  How I wished Tim Horton's would be here.

My hot chocolate medium - Php110

Then sometime a month maybe, I saw a friend of mine posted in Facebook a picture with her inside a Tim Horton cafe.  Lo and behold they have a opened shop here in Uptown Mall.  It is a bit far from where I live but I would make sure whenever I would passby this mall, I would partake this and reminisce some of the memories.

My Php40 Donut.  Vanilla I think.

The chocolate is priced Php110 for the medium and I got a donut for Php40.  Imagine a donut for Php40.  If I were in the popular brand my chocolate would cost me more and the donut, it would not just be Php40.

Tasting the chocolate truly made me remember my days, chilling (at night) along SZR (Sheikh Zayed Road) or at Jumeirah Road (near my accommodation then).   Dubai days are super hot, so we chill out in the evening al fresco.  The donut, I can't remember if I had one there since its mostly croissants in the UAE.

Truly the taste was there.  Chocolate and donut was worth the price.  The staff were courteous as well.  For those new to this branch, the tags on the food items do not show the prices.  Its located on the menu board.  It took me a long time to order as I had to see the food I want then look at the board.  That aside, everything's perfect.

My last bite... yummy.

The Timbits before it was gone.
I even took home some timbits for my kids.  Some of them tasted Tim Hortons and I want to bring home some taste of Dubai (yes I now TH is from Canada).  The 20 piece box of Timbits is Php160 if I remember correctly.  If I'm wrong then it should be Php180 tops.  (My memory fails me again this time).

I interviewed some of the staff briefly and I was told that this branch is already their fourth one.  For more details about Tim Hortons, you may visit their facebook page here.

The Timbits Box