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What’s brewing this August at Enchanted Kingdom?

Following the successful launch of Enchanted Kingdom’s flying theater AGILA: The EKsperience in December 2016, a new facet of the “Agila” attraction opened last  August 20, the PUGAD CAFÉ, an outdoor coffee shop with a sense of purpose. 

Located just outside the Agila building, this brand new concoction blends perfectly well with Pugad, Agila’s very own merchandise store. The new hangout is in keeping with EK’s Retail-tainment concept, which essentially entices guests to spend more time in the Agila building and get more from the attraction.

Enchanted Kingdom’s Merchandise Division Head Cheri Consunji believes that it’s a means to complete the Agila experience by way of a new “Eat-tainment” offering.  Adding entertainment and experiences to the retail mix at Pugad Store will drive Agila park guests feeling like they had the full Agila experience.  We are building a brand experience, that of Pinoy Pride, that’s enriching enough in its own right, but also amplifies that experience even after leaving the park.” Consunji explains.

Everything about the Pugad Café is interesting.  Its outdoor location is open and airy, and much of what’s there to see are products of Upcycling, a practice of creatively reusing seemingly useless, often discarded materials to give them new life and purpose.  Ms. Consunji explains, “Everything old is new again and this is Enchanted Kingdom’s way of giving back to the environment.  Pugad Café is furnished using upcycled materials from the building of Agila, and scraps from the EK Fun Kart attraction.  Cable spools were turned into tables, tires were used as café chairs, and wood crates (which served as shipping containers for the Agila Theater equipment) were utilized to create the coffee shop counter.”  She adds, “We are turning the entire experience into a conscious consumer’s dream, from the Agila attraction to the Pugad Store & Café.” 

More than upcycling the design elements, sourcing the food items offered at the Café also follow EK’s clear advocacy for the Agila attraction.  These are:

BUYING LOCAL                                   
EK supports the livelihood of the country’s farmers by choosing homegrown products, and in turn providing farm-fresh and healthy food alternatives for Agila guests to try out. 

EK implements green practices through its architecture and upcycling methods, as evident in the Agila building and the Pugad Café.

Small and medium-size entrepreneurs who produce world-class edible and handcrafted products have a home in EK.  The Pugad Café features an array of weekly or seasonal specials to give guests plenty of reasons to come back and have a memorable “light” dining experience with every visit.

Enjoy world-class, all Philippine-made products like freshly brewed Arabica coffee and Kapeng Barako, healthy fruit juices, Bayani Brew tea drinks, fruit tarts, banana bread, cheese rolls, cookie and bread sticks.  There will also be featured products each month, like the queso de bola ensaymada and the artisanal bibingka and puto bumbong in December. 

Pugad Café will be the newest destination of the Agila compound, as it “aims to provide a relaxing, socially relevant and ecologically friendly experience during the Agila Park visit.”  Ms. Cheri Consunji sums it up with these words.  “In the end, we want our guests to associate good sensations, feelings and memories they have of the experience with Enchanted Kingdom, Agila, Pugad Store and its merchandise.”

*press release
**photos and words by EK