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Dining | Mey Lin - SM Jazz Makati

Before my meeting in Makati, I was strolling in SM Jazz in Reposo (this the old street name) at the back of Mapua Makati (this is new), I came across this sosyal carinderia.  The reason I was interested with this one is the number of asian tourists or foreigners eating here.  This is sometimes my gauge if a foreign themed restaurant opened up here in the Philippines or wherever they maybe.

Being a chinese restaurant, yes there are a lot of Chinese-Filipinos (I can't call the locals Filipino-Chinese as they are also Filipinos I hope) here but what intrigued me the most are the mainland chinese ones and some koreans.

Wait, this is a chinese restaurant, the name is Mey Lin, then why is the board saying bento?  I was confused at first but then I asked the Filipino behind the counter what it meant.  The bento is just a combo meal they are offering.  Its not presented like a bento.  So confusion settled, I went with Bento 2 I mean Combo Meal 2.

The best thing about their bento is that you are NOT limited to one meat and one vegetable.  When I ordered the Bento 2, I ordered Fish and Pork.  Cost Php185 no drinks yet. 

Regarding the taste,  both dishes tasted like well, chinese dishes.  The fish was cooked tender but I can't say the same for the pork.  It looked tender being an adobo or stewed, but when I bit through it, the meat was tough.  Other than this set back, I dining experience was should I say was good.

Staff were pleasant and accommodating and diners were offering their vacant seats (during peak hours) and sharing their tables with others (maybe because they are foreigners hehehe).  For the price point, its a welcome treat since other restaurants in the area are far more expensive.  Maybe down along the hallway, there's one but its a franchised one from the US (not the clown, but of a little girl - thats a hint) that is the same price.  Having a taste other than chicken is a welcome treat for me always.

It seems that Mey Lin is also available in other malls, but this one is the carinderia type in SM Jazz.  Its easy to spot.  Enjoy People.