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Fashion | Ducky Footwear

When I was shown the Ducky brand of footwear, I was a bit surprised.  My dad brought them for me and it was my first encounter with this brand.  Initial impression?  It looked fancy for my taste, dark colored and I think its faux leather with thick rubber sole so its stylish.  Great for OOTD images.

Due to the think rubber sole and the comfortable insole, this thing made me an inch taller.  Great job at it.  The insole also is form fitting so it somehow "molded" to my feet so walking with it is great for short periods of time.

The only thing that bugs me is how heavy the shoes are.  Maybe I was just used to my running shoes which are light weight in construction.  Maybe I'll give this shoe more time and see if my perception changes.  But as of now, long walks is a big no no for me.

In summary - plus points on style and rugged construction add more points to making me taller, negative points on it bulk and weight.

(Words by Angelica Zuniga, photos by Mike Zuniga)