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Gala International | Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Sut Ja-Tum)

Copyright by Ian Epino

Do you like to travel? do you like nature? do you like structures? well it's here all in one. in Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand.

Copyright by Ian Epino

Well it's not only Bangkok the main attraction of Thailand, there are also some locations which you might to explore. Like this man made structure named the "SANCTUARY OF THRUTH".

Copyright by Ian Epino

As per wikipedia;

so how did we get here? when we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we went to the ground floor and there's a bus going to Pattaya, you need to pay around 150bath per person and travel 1hr and half to reach Pattaya.  This is an airconditioned bus with restroom in it so there are no more stop overs.

Upon reaching Pattaya, you can go around using the tuktuks or simply rent a car.  We did the latter, we rented a sedan for 250baht a day.  You must have an international driving license (you may get one for roughly Php1,000) prior to renting one.

Now going back to the Sanctuary, entrance for one person is 400baht.   The amount is worth the splendor you will see within.  The details of the structure are mind blowing and you get a feeling that the carvings or details are moving.  It's like being placed in a movie set with lots of special effects.  Words here cannot describe the feeling, one must go there and experience the glory of Sanctuary of Truth.

For more details on this place, simply click here.

Copyright by Ian Epino

(Words and pictures by Ian Epino.  Ian is an OFW based in Abu Dhabi who loves to travel along with his family)