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Travel PH | Miss Tourism Philippines goes Zambales

People of Botolan welcome us with open arms and warm hugs even with the rains.
After different areas has been toured by the candidates, their last stop was in Zambales.  First to be visited was the town of Castillejos, where the museum dedicated to the late president Ramon Magsaysay was kept.  It was an interactive museum, mixing old style of museum pieces with that of high tech wizardry.  A must place visit when you are in Zambales.
The Presidential Table of Magsaysay. Brought back from Malacanang.

The Curator making a lecture on the life of Ramon Magsaysay.
The interactive museum in Castillejos Zambales.
Next up is Botolan where lots of adventures awaits the excited traveller.  Here they have a route to Mount Pinatubo that is worth its trip in pictures.  The candidates had a blast riding the ATV across a pre determined track.

Wine can be bought alson in Botolan.

Aetas with their big smiles.
When in Zambales, there should be trip to the Aetas or the indigenous people of Zambales.  Although they embraced technology already, they still retained their culture by establishing their own curriculum of study.  Harboring their faith to the great Apo Mallari they offer prayers, dances and songs.  The candidates also danced with the Aetas which was a great sight to behold.

The Tower of Ina Poon Bato

Holy Water at the Door of Ina Poon Bato
The Altar of Ina Poon Bato.
Another area visited was the Church of Ina Poon Bato in Botolan.  It is purportedly to be a miraculous images of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Legend has it that before the arrival of the Spanish, the local Aeta People discovered a carved wooden statue on a large rock they called Apo Apang (Little Queen) and began worshipping the image.  When the Spaniards arrived, they associate this with the roman catholic depictions of the Virgin Mary and the image was later christianized as Ina Poon Bato (Mother of the Lord Rock).

The Gift Shop at the Bakasyunan Resort
The black sand beach of Zambales.
The welcome mat or umbrellas of Bakasyunan Resort.
More umbrellas in the resort.
Clowning around that big sign of the resort.
Last stop for the ladies were their fun stay at the Bakasyunan Resort.  A relatively modern type of resort offering various beach activities for tourists.  They have videoke machines, pool tables, beach ATV vehicles, water vehicles and an obstacle course to boot.  A very exciting resort to visit.
Our gracious stay in Zambales.
Thanks for the food :)

We would like to thank Balin Sambali and Red Platter for our stay.  It may not be a 5 star hotel, but it was great stay to be in none the less.  Staff were very attentive to the needs of their guests.  Best of all, it was quiet as this was a few meters away from the main road.  Made our sleep feel a little better after the long bus ride.

Of all places here is the first time I saw the new Nokia 3310.