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Heath and Wellness | The Avalon Way now in the Philippines

The reigning Miss Global Philippines 2017, Ms. Mary Ann Mungcal endorses the Avalon Way slimming products.  These are made from natural ingredients and safe to use for those individuals who would like to be healthy and trim down weight if they wish to be.  The product launch was held at the SM Megamall Activity Center and the following were introduced to the public.

product image shown may differ from actual item sold in stores.

The Avalon Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules

Aloe Vera has been known to be a panacea for all ailments with miraculous healing powers.  Modern science showed also that Aloe Vera has detoxification qualities and can strengthen the stomach, fight cancer,, reduce radiation, lower blood pressure and sugar levels.  It also strengthens the immune system, reduce bloating and improve the quality of sleep.  This Aloe Vera is the main ingredient for the Avalon Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules.
Therefore, this product clears away, accumulated waste and toxins, promotes bowel regularity, relieves discomfort associated with feeling bloated, helps breakdown fat deposits, and improves facial complexion. 

product image shown may differ from actual item sold in stores.

Avalon AdvanCleanse Enhanced Probiotics Formula

Clean Gut Good Health.  This product introduces good bacteria into our intestines and keeps in harmony our intestinal micro-flora balance in check. It also limits the growth of harmful bacteria, inhibits pathogenic attachments to our intestinal wall lining, providing a protective barrier against foreign microbes.  Use of AdvanCleanse therefore promotes healthy intestinal system, maintains micro flora balance, remove intestinal wastes, soothes stomcach discomfort and strengthens the immune system.

product image shown may differ from actual item sold in stores.

Avalon JustUme Fiber Plum

This revolutionary product is a fruit-licious and natural way to clear away accumulated body toxins for a cleaner, clearer and healthier you.  Stress is one main activator of health problems, then if coupled with poor dietary habits, it creates a acidic imbalance in our digestive system.  To create an adjustment, this product will restore the body's pH balance, cleanses the digestive tract naturally, reduce bloating, gas and flatulence, improves bad breath and body odor, promote weight loss and normalizes bowel motion once a day.

product image shown may differ from actual item sold in stores.
Avalon Carb Blocker Advance

Gone are the days of starving oneself to attain the body you desired.  Now it has been known the eating excessive carbohydrates, together with various factors, causes an energy imbalance or an excess of energy, which is stored in the body as fat if not utilized.  This product blocks carbohydrates absorption into the body, blocks fat absorption, prevents breakdown of starch into sugar, fat accumulation, increases metabolism and maintains healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

product image shown may differ from actual item sold in stores

Avalon Fat Burner Plus

Due to our sedentary and stressful lifestyle, one has no time left for exercise.  This has been a problem for most of us and thanks to this product, with minimal physical activity, we burn excess body fat, increases metabolism, prevents fat absorption, maintains healthy cholesterol, prevents the carbohydrates from turning into fats and supports liver health.


All these products have been selling in Singapore and neighboring countries for almost the past decade and now is in the Philippines.  Sold through all Watson's outlets, these all natural ingredient products are safe and are proven effective in detoxifying the body and results to a healthier and slimmer you.

For more details on the product, you try their Facebook Page or their website.

Here are some pictures of the launch that day.