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Dining | Going Italian D'Angelo Pizzaria - Mall of Asia

While going around Mall of Asia, this writer got hungry and would like try out a new restaurant.  This time we have chosen D'Angelo Pizzaria.  Located at the ground floor, its area is on the walkway near the Shoe Mart Department Store.  I was to go the Arena so this was a convenient choice for me.

Like most shops in the area, the frontage is usually covered by big pillars of the building that you will easily miss this place.  Good thing I walked on the sides and I saw this place.

Now from their name itself, Pizza is what they are known for.  Two pages of their Menu has been alloted for this.  As being italian, pasta would be never be behind.  They alloted one page for this.

The place had a adequate number of tables and it had also a feel of italian in theme (as if should be).  Lots of chairs and they have added tables outside should you like your experience al fresco.

Now, Since I would have a long night ahead of me, I skipped pizza and went straight to Pasta.  I had the Carbonara, a very safe choice of pasta.  Now preparation time wasn't that long, maybe because I was the only customer then, but never the less, it was fast.

Now first off, I was surprised that I had green beans to go with my carbonara.  I don't usually find this in other restaurants so this is new for me.  Usually its oregano or basil flakes they put on my carbonara sauce.  The herbs here can be found on my garlic buttered bread.

The bread was typical  in taste, nothing fancy and the pasta was perfect al dente.  My only confusion in taste was the sauce.  Maybe it was just me but I feel it wasnt carbonara for me.  I was expecting a bit of cheesy taste, but I don't seem to get any of it.  Cream yes it was there, but it lacked cheese.  Wait, is there cheese in carbonara?  Im not so sure of myself, but I was expecting some kick which was not there.

Now the green peas did not went well with my sauce.  The sauce was already weird for me, then add the peas.  It gave a sweet taste that threw my dining experience off.  Good thing the pasta was great and the the bread was fine or else I would have left the store bewildered.

The carbonara costs Php185 + 10% service charge so when you eat here, don't be surprised in your increased bill.

I will still go back to this place to try out their Pizza.  I have have better luck next time with this.  No pasta in the future with them.

For more information about this place, visit them at their facebook page here.