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Dining | They Still have that Magic in Magic Wok - Glorietta 4

A gem inside Glorietta 4 Food Court, this Chinese restaurant is at the curve or corner just at the entrance.  If you are not looking hard enough, you will surely miss them.  If you are coming down the escalator from the movies, simply walk straight and turn right.  Walk slowly and you will see their menu board.

What made me come back to this restaurant is their style of cooking.  Typical chinese style, fast and tasty and best of all yummy.

I forgot when I was in G4 or Glorietta 4 and had a great meal with them but I tried them once more to see if the Magic in Magic Wok was still in them.  I ordered the same meal which was the Lechon Macau with Kang Kong worth Php105.  Just when I ordered, the staff whipped up a bowl of rice, placed hot pieces of pork belly, blanched kangkong and smeared it with the lechon macau sauce.  Within minutes the meal was served.  Wow, lighting fast.

What made me wonder is how they maintain the pork belly, hot without overcooking it, same goes with the kang kong and not making it gooey.  The sauce was scooped from crockpot of sorts and it was delicious.

I know I had better dishes from others, but at this price, in a mall, and it will surely surprise you how this thing tastes so good.  Pork pieces (around 7 big slices) on my bowl was enough to fill my big tummy, and it comes with a generous amount of rice that I felt my diet was on the brink of collapsing.

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