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Movie Review | Thor Ragnarok

Warning - Spoiler Alert on some parts of this review.

Thor Ragnarok is the third and last installment (?) of the Thor series.  In our book, this is the best there is.  The theme went comic and we can't help compare Thor with Deadpool in terms of one liners.  Unlike Deadpool, Thor had laughable banters between him and Hulk and Bruce Banner.  So having these in a Thor movie is a welcome treat to Marvel fans.  Even in time of near death, hanged from the ceiling, Thor still had its comic moments.

Now In between the laughter, sadness and seriousness sneaks in from time to time to keep us on our throes of emotions.  From Odin's Death, the shifty characterizations of Loki and Scourge, the bravery of Heimdall, the loyalty of Scrapper 142 as a Valkyrie and the evilness of Hela, the change in Thor's character in becoming the King of Asgard.  The mix of these emotions make the latest Thor installment a very watchable film.

Along with the new characters thrown in, commendable acting can be given to Karl Urban as Scourge and Jeff Goldblum as the Grand Master of Sakaar.  Adding greatness to the already great film.  With the story well written per our taste, we forgot we are watching a marvel film.

Although regarded as the last film (is it?) we clamor for more due to the (don't read - spoiler alert) destruction of Asgard.  I won't say how it was destroyed lets agree to disagree on this.  So I was waiting how they would resettle on..... maybe the answer to this might be in a fourth Thor movie, or maybe in part one of the Infinity War or part two.

So If you haven't watched it yet, watch it.  Look out for these.... Matt Damon and Sam Neil in Asgard.  What? Matt Damon and Sam Neil in Asgard?  Look also for the bravery of the Warriors Three.  Very brave and loyal soldiers of Thor.

With great acting, great cast, great characters, upbeat music, great story plot and twists, what more can you ask for a marvel movie like this?  Truly caught us by surprise.