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Dining | Another Great Bread Place at Mr. Park's Bread and Cake

This place has a very long name - Mr. Park's Bread and Cake.  It's a korean bakeshop where you can sit down and relax and enjoy your meal.

Lots of bread are in store for you and baked fresh everyday.  Cakes are likewise offered by slices or in whole.  What made me decide to pass by this shop is the fact that this place is so inviting when you are walking on Garnet Street in Ortigas Center.  Clean cafe or bakery, bright interior lights and lots of chairs and tables.

For this visit, I was content on buying take away and chose croissants.  I was almost late for an event at the Marco Polo and I was famished.  I knew the event would serve food after an hour or so, therefore I bought these as a precaution.

The croissants were great.  It was soft, gooey, sweet.  The only regret I had was I didn't buy more of the stuff.  Definitely I would buy some more when I get to see more of their store.  Although I thought it was their only store, then when I google'd them I found out there were a lot of stores already spread over Luzon.  It's just a matter of me finding them.