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Dining | Dinner is Special with Lechon City on our table

When we were thinking of what to prepare for our Media Noche (New Years Eve Dinner), we were planning to cook for a feast.  Then we decided to buy it instead.  In our modern times, people have become busy and gone were my childhood memories of my mother or grandmother cooking for our Media Noche.

Lucky for this new generation, there are a lot of restaurants and dishes to choose from.  Since this is a special dinner, we opted to have dishes which weren't normally eaten during the year.  First dish we opted was lechon.  We tried buying lechon at a popular fastfood chain, but we found out they moved out of the mall we frequent to.  We tried buying in a famous lechon area, but we found the chopped lechon there not fresh anymore or it was from a part which wasn't so tasty.  So this writer remembered this store in Pacita Avenue, its lechon belly but still its lechon, its called Lechon City.

The price per kilo is Php650 of their cebu style lechon belly and when I ordered, they just got a fresh one off the grill.  Lucky me.  The lechon was so tasty my kids immediately wanted to eat it once it arrived in the house.  Smelling nice, resistance was futile.  The taste was even sweeter.  The fat wasn't that much, but was enough to fill my taste buds to perfection.  The skin was crunchy as lechon should be, and the insides wasn't that salty.  

I learned later on that Lechon City is a franchised brand and they are already scattered around Metro Manila.  This one we bought from is located in Pacita Subdivision in San Pedro.

Looking at their menu, we found out that they do not sell only lechon but have a slew of other dishes as well.  Please see the following pictures.

So when you are planning for a great feast, it would be wiser to simply buy them and one for consideration is Lechon City.  Time saved in preparation means more time to spend with the family.  This is most important to me, time with family.

To know more about Lechon City, simply visit their facebook page here.