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Travel PH | Zoomanity Group Offers Two Great Eco Parks in Tagaytay

The Katooga ph crew had a quick  getaway to the nature on the first week-end of 2018 or let’s be honest it’s before the end of the holidays. Zoomanity group presents two of their eco-museum parks in the South. Where the family will enjoy viewing the nature, introducing animal friends and learn what's new in agriculture in the country.

PARADIZOO (Mendez, Cavite)
A paradise with a 12 hectare theme park in the south, it is well-known for different attractions that are uniquely relaxing and educational especially for kids and adults.
Paradizoo promotes the best practices in agriculture where you can see the natural way how plants grow and the new technology to help plants grow in the hydroponics and in a soil less environment --- the use of coconut pit and sprayed with nutrients which can produce vegetables 3 times faster than a regular farming practices.

What to do in Paradizoo

Note: Be in your comfy shoes. You'll be walking on stone stairways and soil.

Animal Area, we were welcomed by the band of ducks, chickens, turkeys and pigeons roaming freely in the farm. They’re keeping miniature horses, sheep, a camel, ostriches and a donkey.
Meet the band.
Bonus if you're quiet they'll greet you.
Vegetable Area, it doesn't limit to vegetables but they have fruits as well.

Flower Garden, when you enter this place, you’ll find a bali-inspired flower pots along the way with unique art design made by their own gardeners depending on their mood for the day.
It would also be a perfect Instagram-worthy during the summer season with its full bloom flowers all around the area, you can’t get enough!
They said if you place a young girl pee in the flower and cover it for a week, hundreds and thousands of butterflies and bees would come!

Well that’s weird but would you try? :D


The have a Wedding Pavillion, need a wedding reception? This would be a perfect place for you with its unique design where you can see the beauty of the artwork once the plants are fully grown.

Butterfly and Blooms, a sanctuary for butterflies.

Grace: My favourite tour here was the butterfly garden where you can interact with them and take photos up close!  Look how close they are! Eating honey on my hand!


It’s a good fortune in money and love life when they alight on you. Guess there’s a chance this year huh? Lol!

Honey House, bee farming this is beside the Butterfly & Blooms, both are good pollinators, butterflies and bees.


They built greenhouses specially for this method.  Plants were grown using water only!!!

The good thing about this eco-farm is they focus and promote the growth of the agricultural sector of our country, giving free seminars, training and having a learning institute that will provide knowledge to our local farmers in producing, selling and auctioning of livestock.
Go and visit them this January to March 2018. They have an event called the “Power of Three” which aims to give discussion to students, farmers and other public and private sectors about the field of agriculture in floral, vegetables and livestock.

How to get there:
If you’re driving, go towards the Tagaytay-Mendez road and find the Maglabe drive.
If you’re commuting, take a Tagaytay bus, drop-off at Mendez then ride a tricycle going to Paradizoo.

Their website is herein

If you’re interested to extend the fun and looking for more adventure with the nature and animals, you can visit also the Zoori Residences Inn just 30 minutes away located in Tagaytay along the National Highway.

ZOORI Residences Inn (Tagaytay,Cavite)
The Zoori Park is also under the Zoomanity Group Park and its located along the National Highway.
If you want to experience more interaction with the animals, there is another awesome destination which will be enjoyed both by the children and kids at heart.

Here are the activities you can enjoy:

Close encounter in selected animals. It's optional for you to buy them their treats for 20php. The treats came from Paradizoo farm.

Serpentanium and Aquarium.

Zipline or Cable car ride? Why not try both?

Free animal shows

Art activity made from scraps. The fund proceeds to selected beneficiary of Zoori Residences Inn.

Bird feeding/photo op for 20 php.


Hogs for hugs, you can bring them home with you. Mechanics is simple. Registration is 100 php, maximum of four people allowed to enter the ring. 1 person per session. Bonus reward if you catch any of them within 10 minutes you'll get 50% off (Php150/kg).

Enjoy Filipino or Korean food with a paradise view.

My favourite part of the tour was the zip line with the view of the Taal Lake, photo op with the birds, camel and the largest horse in the world (Clydesdale horse). I even got an experience to carry a giant snake with my own hand! Yay!  

This is an easy destination even if you are from the south or north, fun is all over the place. Plan your weekend getaway with your family, a budget friendly trip but gives you hundreds of fun and educational experience!
Entrance Fees:
Adult Php199
Kids Php149
Kids below 3 feet are free

Adult Php249
Kids Php199
Kids below 3 feet are free

Senior Citizens gets a 20% discount


Words and photos by Grace Simpao and Angel Zuniga.