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Dining | Another Affordable Food in Kalibo Aklan


While this writer was going around Kalibo, particularly Gaisano Central, I came across this restaurant Leylam.  I was attracted by its colors and the place seemed clean so I wanted to try this one out.  However I just had my lunch with Pete's Sizzlers earlier so I was still full.

Since my hotel was a little bit far town proper, I ordered one for take away or take out.  I presumed that it won't spoil in time for a midnight snack.  I apologized I forgot what I ordered but I think it was the Sharwma Noodles.  Whats a sharwarma noodle?  Your guess is same as mine but watching how they prepared it, its just like pancit canton.

My order costs Php70 (without egg) and it filled one medium sized container tub.  Serving size is good for a midnight snack.  Taste wise it was salty from the soy sauce they infused.  Great combining it with rice.  Yup I understand 2 carb dishes make a disaster of a menu but hey I like it.  Since I am watching out for my weight, I can't do it more often.  So consider what you are reading my cheat month, errr meal.  Just this once maybe.

Now cleanliness wise, kitchen was spot clean, utensils were likewise clean as I saw it.  Except for the skillet that have seen a lot of battles, the preparation was clean enough.  Giving me confidence that the food will be what else, clean. :)

Now should you want to dine in, the area is again clean and had ample tables to seat a number of people comfortably judging from the picture above.  Kalibo people are quiet people and they will leave you be with your noodles.

Now after going around the island of Panay, this Leylam brand is all over the place I concluded.  I've seen them also in Iloilo as well and from what I read from their Facebook page, they have 140 branches already.  Thats a great feat in itself.

So when you are in that Island, rest assured you can find one of their branches offering affordable food good enough for a backpacker like myself.

If you want to know more about them, visit their page here.