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Technology | Bitcoin and Blockchain Forum 2018 in the Philippines

The cryptocurrency community in the Philippines will experience a first of its kind event with the Bitcoin and Blockchain Forum 2018 this February 24, 2018 at the Ortigas Foundation Library, F Building, Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The forum brings together the Philippines’ top specialists in the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technologies -- sharing their experience and knowledge in integrating blockchain across the government, banking, trading, healthcare areas among some.

Featured key speakers in the forum are:

Joe Maristela III of Katalyst, who will talk about the potential of financial technology in the Philippines particularly about the use of blockchain technology in healthcare. Ray Refundo of AQuire, who will be discussing about the token economy. Jonathan Tinoco of Crypex Academy, who will share winning strategies of cryptocurrency trading and investing. Jon Herrera, the Limitless Coach, will talk about financial literacy through cryptocurrency.

The forum opens with Joe Maristela III, a serial entrepreneur and prominent independent investor who has, since 2015, lobbied the government to become more proactive and inclusive about “disruptive” technologies such as Bitcoin, the Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies. He has personally invested millions of dollars in startup companies that aim to revolutionize finance for SMEs and outsourcing offices here in the Philippines.

In this event Joe will share his insights about the potential of blockchain in healthcare and the value of supporting and investing in Filipino homegrown businesses.

Maristela has established several businesses engaged in markets ranging from healthcare business process outsourcing to financial services. Some of these businesses are:
PediaHealth Medical Group
PediaHealth is a clinic-network, with medical and healthcare operations on the West Coast (USA). PediaHealth is known for being an early adopter of technology, and deploying technologies in healthcare in medicine in new and creative ways. PediaHealth served as a beta testing facility, which tested various communications technologies from Google, including Hangouts and Google's enterprise class video conferencing software.
Qwikwire is a fintech startup which is making huge strides in streamlining overseas payments and remittances for offices of the likes of Ayala, Century, and others.
Satoshi Citadel Industries
Satoshi Citadel Industries or SCI which Joe seeded with $200k and whose flagship services and Blockchain technology platforms, and, has pegged the Philippines as a major innovator in the international financial technologies industry.

Acudeen aims to revolutionize SME financing by providing a platform and ecosystem for so called investors to buy and sell invoices and purchase orders.

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Forum 2018 aims to open the discussion on potential-application areas and use cases for blockchain technology by exploring real-world implementations. Attendees will gain a wealth of insights and information about the state of the token-based economy while networking with cryptocurrency thought leaders through this forum. Expect a crowd of IT developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and financial professionals among those who will grace the event.

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