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About Town | Securing Homes With Kwikset

In a recent roadshow by Kwikset, executives explained to us the great qualities of their products.  They showed us three qualities which we felt that best exemplifies what a Kwikset lock gives to the homeowner.

Quality materials go into each lockset they make.  Not only does the finish or color does not change, the metal composition makes itself durable against forced entries.  They compared a Kwikset lock against a product they bought off a hardware store and they tested both.  Kwikset locks held its ground against ammonia, a strong acid that attacks metal.  It did not tarnish its finish while it blackened the finish of the composition.  

Optical wise, we were shown that both products were almost identical in size and thickness, however, the Kwikset executives asked us to bend these with our hands.  The competition failed as we did made a bend out of them while we couldn't on the Kwikset.  All Kwikset locks are certified by the ANSI/BHMA as Grade 1.  What does ANSI and BHMA mean? to keep it simple, they give unbiased ratings on products and Grade 1 is their highest.  What does all these mean for us?  Greater security making our home safe for our love ones and other valuables, that's what it means.

Another feature they have is the Re-Key technology that they introduced.  For example you gave a copy of your keys to a friend and somehow it wasn't returned.  Instead of having to replace the whole lockset or have a locksmith change the keys, simply the homeowner can change the key.  Rendering the old key with your friend useless.  Watch this video.

Also, they have other technologies that truly astounded this writer.  To those who are health conscious, they have this Microban. On some of their locksets, those with microban has its surfaces coated that would stop the spread of microbes by hindering their growth.  We know that door knobs are prone to this and Kwikset went a step further with this one.

During the show also, they introduced to us different designs of their locksets.  As they say, beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder, so they have different ones to suit each homeowner.  I can't say much anymore about this except that I spotted a few ones to my liking.  You will too if you go to a nearest hardware store near you.

As mentioned earlier, they use a strong kind of metal or alloy (sorry im not that technical about it) that really is durable.  As a live demonstration, one of their guys brought a power tool (an electric saw I think it was called) and tried cutting the locksets hoping to break them and open them.  Did they break?  We had a limited time to test it but at the end, the competition showed a lot of damage, and boringly enough, not surprising, the Kwikset lock held its ground.  Imagine, a powertool.

After showing us these qualities what does this mean to us homeowners?  For this writer, we had our share of changing homes.  Since childhood, I can't count the number of times we had to move.  And we had a lot of keys with us from each of the homes we stayed in.  We bought and sold houses and what's left are again keys. When we get into a new home, what we do first thing is the change the locksets. Imagine if the Kwikset with Re Key technology was installed in all those houses.  How easy and less costly if would have been if we had this.  We will feel safe immediately seeing such a lockset in a home.

I apologise first hand if I become a sales agent for Kwikset, but I can't help it.  I've seen demonstrations of their products and I for one became a believer.  I thought locks were just locks that we need to keep changing when we move.  And that no home is secured with the locksets being sold around but this time I beg to disagree.

During the exhibition, someone asked about the price.  After seeing all the qualities, definitely this would not be cheap.  But cheap is relative to quality and the home it protects.  Homes nowadays costs millions and the contents run about hundreds of thousands already.  Don't mention also the safety of your love ones, which by the way are priceless.  I am a father of 4 so I know how precious they are to us parents.  Now I ask you, would you go for savings when you know, spend a bit more and protect the ones you love and the other valuables in your home?  I will it at that.

For more information about Kwikset, visit their website