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Dining | Fish and Fries During the Lenten Season with McDonald's

Lately I've had misgiving with this fastfood chain lately.  They finally hit good with this one.  For the british, they have this.  They call it fish and chips, but here we call them chips as french fries, thus the name.

As the Philippines is predominantly christian, we follow the catholic way of abstaining meat during lenten season or the holy week.  So if we abstain from pork and beef, what do we eat in a popular food chain?  Its chicken and fish that's what.  

Now McDonald's has their chicken menu items already.  For those devout christians and would like to abstain from meat altogether, one can have fish as an option.  They are introducing Fish and Fries for the holy week only. 

Costing Php150 for a piece, and Php245 for two pieces of fried fish, coupled with a good serving of fries, one can have a decent meal without any guilty conscience.  Don't expect much from the fish as this is simply thinly breaded and deep fried.  To have a savory dining experience with this fish, you got to dip it in a sauce of your choice.  They have tartar sauce, sweet and sour sauce and my perennial favorite thousand island.  

Serving wise, its a good fit for a hungry diner, even for just one piece of fish.  What makes it odd for this writer is pairing it with fries.  Being asian, we like to take our food with rice so even though the serving was adequate, I still need the feel of rice, I still felt I was hungry.

Yes I felt I was still hungry so I had some noodles to tide me over till my next full meal.