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Dining | A Japanese Restaurant Offering Eat All You Can - Tajimaya

When you think of Eat All You Can promos, you think of fusion restaurants offering buffet with lots of themes.  You  see japanese, korean, chinese and filipino dishes lumped in one place.  Should you do this, it means they don't really specialize on one dish and they will just offer a decent meal for all the themes mentioned.

Now here comes Tajimaya.  An authentic japanese restaurant offering high quality meats for Yakiniku dishes offering an Eat All You Can Promo for Php629 only.  What? That amount?  This writer can't believe it at first until we had a chance to sit down and experience a delightful dinner outselves in Alabang Town Center.

Tajimaya has branches in Baguio, Mall of Asia, Cebu, Rockwell and here in Alabang Town Center.  This ATC branch is tucked away at a corner of the mall making this restaurant a quiet (maybe) one to have a charming and fulfilling dinner.

Ingredients are high quality, properly prepared japanese items ready for your Yakiniku experience.  A Charcoal grill is prepared at the center of your table, and you will cook to your liking.  Now I'm no expert in japanese yakiniku but somehow the ones they serve are reminiscent of the korean samgyupsal.  

Anyway, the Php629 offer is good with plates of Beef, Pork, Chicken, Squid, Squid Rolls, Special Sausage, Shrimp, Salad, Sancyu, Kimchi, Namuro and Rice.  You can order more if you like for a time limit of only two (2) hours (weekdays) or one and half (1 1/2) hours (weekends).

Oh I almost forgot to mention, they are offering bottomless ice tea.

Serving size is huge, but being a voracious eater, with an appetite of a velociraptor, we ordered beef plates and rice in seconds and thirds.  Taste wise, I won't stop saying how delicious they taste should I start with one item.  You've got to try them out to fully savor this article to the max.

Should you want other than this promo, they offer ala carte menu items as well.  And that's with no time limit.  You can savor them as long as you want.

For more about them, visit their facebook page here.

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