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Dining | Zatazza in Atria Park District Iloilo

Iloilo has been a shocking experience for this writer.  Last time I was here, I was maybe 10 years old and I travelled through it with my Dad going to Guimaras.  So this trip is a bit nostalgic for me.  What shocked me was how Iloilo has progressed since then.

I came via Antique and I was exposed to a still rural setting and then I was amazed with Iloilo when I hit the new downtown.  It was so much like Manila and so much uppity especially on the Atria Park District Side, thats also where SM City Iloilo is just nearby.  That being so, expect Manila kind of traffic.

Now Zatazza is your typical kind of Manila Cafe.  The feel of place is like the ones you find from those coffee shops from seattle.  Sofas, hard tables, counters, then the baristas, the huge coffee machines, all the way including the cakes.  It was like I was in Manila.

What was different with this one is they have free wifi and if you plan to plug in your devices in their outlets, you will be charged for a fee per hour of use.  Other than this, everything is the same.

For the high price, I was expecting a real fork and not a plastic fork.

Now pricewise, yes its the same with the other brands,  the serving size as well.  Taste wise, its similar.  I almost whipped out my SB card and get additional stars!!!  Oh well, no stars here for this writer.

Also this place was quiet in the afternoon and only students (who make this their library) are occupying the best seats in the cafe.  Very similar with the students in Manila.  Buy one coffee, Grande or Venti, then stay for 5 hours.  This is cheap compared to coworking offices I know. LOL.

Honestly, what drew me to this place was its name.  I had lots of time to kill prior to my flight back home and the Atria Park District was the last area I missed in my travels.  Most locals tell me I should drop by and experience the place.  They are so proud to have this and offered it to me.  Yes, the place was great, but it was something not new to me.  We have all these in Manila and I went to Iloilo to feel different and yet here I was, in a place like the malls in Manila.

Zatazza, whats in a name?  When I saw this cafe, it was as I said a typical high end coffee shop.  Less people, mostly students are inside, I can see a table where I can kill time and update my blog.  So I entered and took a seat and killed almost three hours inside, with just one iced chocolate drink.  So as not to feel guilty, I drank that chocolate veeeeerrrryyyy sssslllooowwwlllyyyy.  And yes, I availed of their free WIFI.  You might think I used their electricity and paid for nothing, well, I am not an abusing tourist, I have a huge powerbank with me around 20,000mah.  It was huge enough to last me more than the time I stayed in Zatazza.

Even though the place didn't excite me that much, the price point and value for their food, drinks and amenities were just right compared to Manila cafes.  If I compare it to the locals, this might be expensive for them.  It seemed that there are a lot of rich folks in Iloilo that having these kind of shops are being patronized.

Zatazza is a good brand of coffee which I feel would be a right fit in that area and will be seeing soon in Metro Manila.

For more updates and information about Zatazza, please visit their facebook here.