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Dining | 2 Cooks Does Not Spoil The Food at 2 Chef

They say 2 cooks spoil the broth or food for this matter but it isn't so with this restaurant.  Located in Daet Camarines Norte, this hole in the wall restaurant is a great find.  When one goes in the restaurant you will be met with a nice whiff of something italian.  This was the case when we arrived in for an early dinner.  Everything smells like oregano and spaghetti a very aromatic entrance you could say.

With that entrance, I should have gone through with that same spaghetti.  But in this case I went with Sukiyaki Beef.  It took sometime for my order to be prepared and I was salivating from the spaghetti I am looking at the next table.  Of how the people next to us was having fun eating that deliciously looking spahetti.

So when my order came with my group, I was excited.  When it came, I was let down a bit when I saw that the sukiyaki beef was similar to that of their teriyaki chicken for whom my colleague ordered.  Why would my order be similar to that of his chicken?  Did he ordered sukiyaki chicken?  All these were rumbling through my mind when I was comparing the two.  Although I didn't taste his chicken, I swear they both smelled the same.  So teriyaki smells like sukiyaki?

Taste wise, my sukiyaki beef tastes like teriyaki.  Maybe the 2 Chefs were confused somehow.  Salty yes, but not that much, a bit burnt, but is normal with teriyaki.  Sukiyaki for sure it wasn't.  I wish they should have clarified this with me first so I would not expect sukiyaki.  The yellow rice was just right, I can't ascertain what made it color yellow but I assume its butter.

Serving size, it was a bit more than what I expected.  It had more beef and served in a larger bowl.  Sadly though the beef was cut in small cubes, although I had more beef (I think) it was hidden in the dark color of my teriyaki or sukiyaki sauce.  The rice serving was just right for people on diet.  The beef was more than the rice, so if you are not on diet, you might as well order extra rice beforehand.

Price wise, my meal costs Php99.  For a beef meal with rice and vegetable as side dish, the price point is rather reasonable.  An adequate serving size of beef, rice equal to that, this is a good price for a budget meal. 

In spite of whatever happened to my meal, I still feel they have a lot of offer for good food in 2 Chef.  I surmise this to this effect as I was judging them from the spaghetti I smelled across the room.  I do hope I would have ordered it instead of my sukiyaki beef.  If they can impress me with that spaghetti smell, then having 2 cooks in the kitchen will be a plus and not spoil the food.

To know more about them, you may visit their Facebook page here