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Dining | Famous Belgian Waffles - Southwoods Mall

Belgian has been known for beer, chocolates and waffles.  Although I haven't seen a true belgian waffle so lets assume this is one for this article. LOL.

Now this brand has been around for some time now and this wasn't my first to eat one.  I liked the experience so it was easy to pick this one out from the kiosks that lined up at the movie houses in Southwoods Mall.

As per our search, our movie would start 3pm and we were there by 2:50pm, so we had to rush to our theatre.  We need something quick as food as well.  Although we felt that the waffles were quick to prepare, there was not enough time to wait for it.  Good thing I asked the lady in the counter for the preparation time, and without battling any eyelash, she recommended that we go inside the theatre and the waffles would be delivered to us.  Wow what a service.  Never knew they would go the extra mile. kudos to their staff.

Not only these snacks tasty, they are affordable as well.  Plain ones only costs Php30 and would go as expensive as Php45 for the special flavors like blueberries and strawberries.  Also these waffles are fast to cook and easy to eat.  Great things to consider when you plan in eating them in a dark movie theatre.

As we were already near late the screening time, as we ordered five pieces of these, there  was simply no time to wait for it lest we can't catch the first minutes of Ready Player One.  The lady in the counter mentioned they can deliver said waffles in our seats.  Wow, talk about service.  I like them a lot already.

Now price wise, my peanut butter flavor waffles was Php40.  Not bad for the price, and remember this is in a mall, movie house at that.

Serving wise, Waffles were thin though but if you were after the experience, a piece would do it justice.  If you like to make this as a snack to bring you for your next meal?  I suggest get two or three of these.  Honestly I regretted just buying one, I wanted more of this stuff. Im a super fan of peanut butter.

Taste wise, need I say more?  My regret of buying just one still haunts me to this day.  I do hope a branch was just located at the corner street of my house.  The waffle was ordinarily waffle but I like waffles.  Cooked right, it will have the toasty feel to this and sweetness pushed with the peanut butter, this will take you to the heavens metaphorically.

For more of these amazing Famous Belgian Waffles, you may visit their FB page herein