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Dining | They Still Have That Magic in Magic Wok - The Third Visit

Magic Wok is located at the food court of Glorietta 4 and we have already featured them not once but twice already.  This is our third review of them already.  We usually try out new restaurants every time we eat but for some reason, we decided to eat again here at Magic Wok.

In our previous visits, we ordered pork items and for this one, we tried out their oriental mixed seafood.  Costing Php105, this dish right here is a rice topping combo.  Lets now dig in the details shall we?

Taste wise, being an oriental themed dish, it did taste like one.  It had a hint of oyster sauce and peanuts in it.  The taste of this one is almost the same with the ones I ordered in previous visits.  Chinese cooking is somehow similar in ingredients I guess and this maybe the reason for my experience.  It's not a bad thing though, but sometimes it is when you are having different dishes yet they still taste the same.  

Serving size, you can count the shrimps.  I had 4 of those, and squid, I can't ascertain as they were a lot on my bowl, cut in small pieces.  The viand might look minimal but the rice wasn't.  I had a lot of rice and to tide me over this, lots of sauce was provided.  So if you are diet fan, you know eating lots of rice is not good for you, then stay away from their bowls.

Price wise, the Php105 listed price is well okay with the taste and serving size.  When other restaurants charge more for this stuff, theirs were value for money.  Except for our comment on the taste, we consider this oriental mixed seafood as a winner.

They still have that magic left on our third visit.