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Dining | Evia's Restaurant - Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte

They say its Triple the Fun in Jose Panganiban, with what, three islands for you to enjoy your vacation here? Well,lets add a fourth one with this restaurant, Evia's.

Now what makes a good vacation without good food?  When we were here the last time, we were whisked off to a great place with good food.  Good food but the the place wasn't that great.  Now you have a great choice to come to when you are in Jose Panganiban.

The place is called Evia's Restaurant.  The locals say this place has been on going for year now, and that during our previous visits, this place has been under renovation.  And boy, renovation they did great.

The restaurant is along the main road and it has a wide facade and is fully airconditioned.  It is like eating already in classy restaurant and in Jose Panganiban?  This is a step up and would surely make any tourist here feel at home.

As of now parking is limited except maybe if you are on a motorbike, and the air inside is cool and the dining is spacious.  It offers lots of tables and a clean rest room for the hungry and weary traveller.

They offer home cooked style of Filipino foods and also offers local cuisine which was nice.  Taste wise is great, price wise its affordable.  

Jose Panganiban has been known for their islands and for this time around, this restaurant may be their next tourist attraction in the future.

How to get to Jose Panganiban
Take a bus from Cubao to Daet Camarines Norte. Take DLTB or SuperLines buses.  Fare should be about 500-650 depending on which type of bus you take.  Then ask the driver if you can alight along the highway near Jose Panganiban.  Then there take a tricycle or jeep going to town.
A better alternative is go to Daet first. spend a day at least, then go spend the rest of your vacation in Jose Panganiban or vice versa.
For more information about going to Jose Panganiban and how to maximize your stay, contact the tourism office here