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Dining | Seafood Galore at Aurora's Cuisine in Daet Camarines Norte

Bantayog Festival 2018 really brings out the hospitality in the people of Daet Camarines Norte.  One point to this is my host's penchant for making my stay the most enjoyable and pleasurable one ever in their province.

People here love to eat and eat good food they do.  My host then took me to Aurora's Cuisine and I was told they serve good seafood here.  Lets read on how they fared to this writer.

First off, the place is a great one for relaxation after a long day.  We had a long day and coming over here was a great choice for my host.  Its located along a main road, well lighted, it has a terrific ambience.  It's an open area restaurant and has an airy feel to it.  Servers are courteous and attentive.  And they have lots of tables so going in without reservation is of no problem.

I let my host order for me as he knows this restaurant much better than me.  This is a tip for you when you have a local with you for dinner.  They know what's the best dish of the restaurant.  For this one, three dishes were ordered.  The Inihaw Tuna Belly, the Buttered Fried Chicken and the Lechon Kawali.

Truly enough, the tuna belly was juicy and tasty.  Goes well with the hot steamed rice they served.  The chicken was scrumptious  and the lechon kawali was not that oily.  A good dinner experience is in order at Aurora's Cuisine.

Tastewise, food was on point.  Nothing way out of the ordinary, did not disappoint either.  We can always recommend the three dishes we had.  Serving wise, our order was enough to feel five hungry hippos.  Not bad for a night out in town.  Price wise, although I didn't foot the bill, judging from the menu we shot, we only paid maybe a few pesos over a thousand.  With five people in a group, that amount is cheap and reasonable.

Service wise, as we said earlier, staff were attentive, they were ready to get our order, prepare the dishes and in no time, we were eating.

To cap the night with this joint, they also offer beer.  What a way to end a beautiful dinner with beer among good friends.  Food, beer and stories.  Nothing beats good stories to end the night for me.  Another plus is their entertainment.  They do have an acoustic band that evening to serenade us while we were eating.  Music is a bonus for this writer and I thank the restaurant's management for this.

Aurora's Cuisine is located in Bagasbas Road in Daet Camarines Norte so be sure to dropby this place soon.  I will.

For more about them, visit their facebook page here.