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Dining | 7 Eleven Tuna Salad - Is it worth it?

Convenience shops or stores are a boon to mobile people like myself.  Running in between meetings and events, one will likely heave a sigh of relief knowing there is one in the area.  We freelance writers know that usually events do not start on time thus food (if any was served) would be late.  One must partake a pinch hit of a food to tide you over to the food served at the event.

For this quick tide over me dish, we present to you the 7 Eleven Tuna Salad costing Php39.  Its a tub of macaroni with some herbs, mayonnaise and some bits of tuna for flavor.

Tastewise, its tuna thank god.  I wasn't expecting much for the price yet it tasted like a decent tuna.  I presumed there was an ample amount of it thus the flavor.  The mayonnaise provided the sweet tinge and the herbs provided the punch in taste.  It passes our hungry palate with enough points that made this writer contented.  Not overwhelmed with goodness, just right.

Serving size was a disappointment for me.  Im a big guy and with this amount of serving, I was able to finish this tub of salad in less than 10 spoonfuls.  Blame it on my metabolism, I was hungry yet this thing just scratched the linings of my stomach.  I was still craving for more.  This is how much the Php39 will get me for so I was still wanting.

Price of Php39 was a steal for this salad.  I just hoped though they increase the price as long as they increase the serving size.  The current one did not even get to half of the container it was in.  Maybe next time they will use a smaller tub to make it appear much fuller (joke).

So if you want to have that quick snack before eating a hearty meal or if you are in a rush between appointments, try this thing out.  Water costs only Php10 in 7-Eleven so having a quick bite with this won't be a problem.