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Dining | Bente Lang Ang Silog... Sa Bente Silog - Pavillion Mall

I am so excited to write about this dining experience.  Who would think that a Silog would be this effin cheap.... in a mall in an urban setting at that.  Bente (means 20) and Silog means "SI"nangag (Fried Rice) and it"LOG" (egg).  A filipino meal featuring Fried Rice and Egg, one can have a variety to go along with it.  Such examples are Tapsilog, Tapa meaning Tapa (beef), Hotsilog, Hot meaning Hotdog.  You get the drift.

Now for our visit to Bente Silog, we found that they have 3 meals that amount to Php20 each.  These are Hamsilog (Sweet Ham), Longsilog (longganisa) and Burgersilog (hamburger patty).  Instead of trying out these, I was swayed with Liemposilog (Pork Belly).

Costing Php60, fair price I reckoned.  So I queued up and the counter was fast even with a number of people ahead of me.  Everything was orderly and I noticed one thing.  Everyone ahead of me were ordering extra rice.  Maybe because their rice were small?  Let me tell you why in a little while.

Service was fast as they called my number in just a few minutes and they always serve with a smile.  Now serving size was surprisingly good.  My liempo was far more larger and thicker compared to other silogs we have tried.  My rice was more than adequate as I felt it was more than the usual.  So serving size was great.  They even have free soup that went with the meal.  

Tastewise, the fried liempo was fine for the price.  I didn't expect much in taste considering the price point.  It wasn't too salty so great one there.  To push more in taste, I suggest you dip the thing in soy sauce with some calamansi and chili.  I'm not a spice fan but somehow with chili in the sauce, it jived well with the fried liempo.

Remember that people were ordering extra rice?  It wasn't because the rice was in small serving, it was the opposite, yet people were availing of it.  In my case, it was because the taste of the liempo, not that salty, with a hint of my dipping sauce, it made me want more rice.  I ordered one for myself and it felt good.

Price point, yes it was Php60 plus Php15 for the extra rice, by all means yes, this is affordable yet very good to the price.  I can imagine myself coming back again and order a few more from their other dishes on the menu.

They are a franchising already, so for more information about them, hook with them in Facebook here.